The State of Indian Community Management

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A Survey on India’s Most Exciting Digital Domain


What is this survey about?

The State of Indian Community Management survey is the first ever study that seeks to assess the impact of online communities in India and provide exclusive insights for working / aspiring community professionals working in the country.

Communities are becoming a vital component for businesses to grow and retain their customers. The world has realized the value of communities and the community industry is expanding rapidly. Today, there is a significant rise in people pursuing community management and entrepreneurship. This wave has also hit India and now is slowly showing it’s impact. 

Who is this for?

Independent Community Builder

Discover the future of individual led communities, answers related their sustainability, data standards to measure community progress and most importantly answer whether you can transform your support / hobby community into a full-time role. 

Brand Community Builder

Unravel the future of community led businesses, data to showcase how communities matter your leadership team and most importantly answer how your career in this industry would evolve in the coming days

What answers are we seeking?

We need your insights to help us prepare an accurate study that quantifies the challenges, value and key trends in online communities  in India . The 10 minute survey broadly covers –

  1. How brand and independent communities based in India are measuring impact
  2. How communities based in India have been affected by the pandemic
  3. Insights on community monetization in India
  4. State of community management careers in India

Why should you take the survey?

Let’s hear what seasonal community professionals of India think on why you should take this survey.

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