How to come up with the best Ice Breakers for your community

Today, we are going to talk about Ice Breakers that serve as a cool way to engage with your audience, especially the new ones.

What are Ice Breakers?

Ice breakers are games/activities that help community members get to know each other, establish deeper relationships, and stimulate interactions. A quality icebreaker for your community event / as a casual community discussion thread will help your members, especially those who have just joined in, loosen up and gain confidence in sharing their views with the community.

Where does the ice stem from in your community?

  • For like-minded members, having not met each other previously
  • For members from different backgrounds, their perception of each other 
  • For members in different levels of their journeys, the difference in seniority creates the ice 

6 reasons why your community should host Ice Breakers

  • Your members connect beyond display pictures and names and an icebreaker sets a context and adds a personal note to the session
  • Crush that ice between new and old community members by creating a relaxed environment and letting new onboarded members loosen up by fun activities and remove the barriers to communication.
  • Member fears of being judged are chased away by an atmosphere where everyone shares ideas and participates more fully in the session
  • Members are more comfortable sharing views in the community that builds a rapport among new and old members and fosters a productive and engaging session
  • Increased engagement on the community platform results from the collaborative and creative environment driven by group activities that are fun, social, and inclusive.
  • The feel of #ONECOMMUNITY is a direct outcome of an engaging ice-breaking session as members connect at a personal level. The community’s identity is strengthened with a feeling of oneness.

5 things to keep in mind while hosting ice breakers for events

  • Your ice breakers should have an objective. Do you want your members to simply get introduced / brainstorm and explore a topic together?
  • Ice breakers could be standalone events, an addition to existing events / a discussion thread in your community.
  • You can also use ice breakers to collect and understand the demography of your members: This includes members’ background, levels of knowledge, their likings, and more. 
  • If more members join in for your event, you can either host trivia quizzes or divide the initial ice-breaker and host into two parts.
  • Ideally a good should be started with a 10-15 minute icebreaker. 

Tools to Host your Community Ice breakers: 

Tools for Community Ice breakers in community events

Sample Icebreakers to try out for your Communities:

  • Use zoom whiteboard and ask members to draw one object that describes how they are feeling post / before your event starts 
  • A good game of Pictionary is always loved by all! 
  • Add your favourite snack as your middle name and introduce yourself 
  • The “Would you rather” game using mentimeter / gatheround

Wrapping Up:

Icebreakers are truly a great means of helping communities, companies, and teams experience a sense of togetherness and oneness online, no matter wherever they are. So if you have not tried them yet, include them in your onboarding and presentation sessions and see your engagement go through the roof.

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