Global Marketing Community: Exclusive Chat With Biswajeeta Rath

We had an exclusive interview with Biswajeeta Rath – Online Community Specialist at BMC Software on 10 July. She has been building a global marketing community focusing on developing meaningful relationships. The event was organized by Sangeeta Gupta – Community Manager at LikeMinds.

In this exclusive chat with Biswajeeta, she shared:

  • Her journey as a community manager
  • Tips for moderating a global marketers community
  • Benefits of marketing background for building a global marketing community

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How Was Biswajeeta’s Journey As A Community Manager?

Biswajeeta is a really curious person. She started her career as a content writer, followed by client management, digital marketing forums, and social media. But she kept asking what to do next, and she finally entered the world of Community Managers.

She was into the social media world but, had never touched paid advertising for a global marketing community for professionals. Then someone reached out to her to manage a global marketers community of 1.5k members in a Facebook group. Their digital marketing community was full of spams, so he asked her what to do, and wanted her help.

So she was hired as a Community Manager but didn’t know how to manage a global marketing community for professionals. She started with moderating the posts and researched the social media world of community marketing ideas and community marketing concepts.

While researching, she realized that the digital marketing community is a popular field in the United States and the United Kingdom. She also started reading a book because there was little to no content related to global marketing community management in the media world 2.5 years ago.

And then, she met Paras, Community Manager at LikeMinds, and was introduced to Community Folks. That is how she got into the social media world of global marketers community management. For the first six months, she had no idea that global marketing community management was a field and things could flourish product marketing professionals to join top growth marketing communities.

In her words, “It was a hell of a ride, and I learned a lot, and that is why I am here. It is all about serving the people and I feel like the community is everything that marketing wants to be, dreams to be. The authenticity and the transparency that the community helps in flourishing, you cannot do that with marketing. You connect people that is like the best thing ever. Thank god I’m into communities right now.”

She also added, “If you ask any community manager in India, you will find that they are all from various backgrounds. And that is a beautiful thing because we need people from various backgrounds, and also we need communities from all these vast fields.”

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What Are The Tips From Biswajeeta To Manage Unmoderated Communities?

Biswajeeta shares a few tips that are universal and apply to all the global marketing community professionals. Whichever community you are starting, the first thing that you should think about is the rules. The moderation rules, boundaries, and guidelines are important so that one can enforce them in the network marketing community. The growth marketing communities have a lot of trust in the members as well, so these rules are necessary.

The other thing is to establish the community canvas. Biswajeeta got to know about it a year after working in the global marketing community. It is a canvas of things that one should do when they are starting a global marketing community for professionals. Like a minimum viable product, these global marketing community canvases are called a minimum viable global marketers community.

One should also have a mission as to why they are getting those people together. One should have a vision of their global marketers community so that the purpose and direction can get top product marketing communities to join in.

She also shared with us the 4 hacks for marketing community engagement:

1. On-boarding sequence

Via the onboarding sequence, you can ask people to introduce themselves. The community marketing manager can explain the rules and guidelines. People need to know what they should be doing and not be doing. We can also introduce Buddy systems to incorporate human touch for the networking marketing community.

2. Rituals

They are an important part of any global marketers community. Just keep a theme and interact within your digital marketing community of digital marketing professionals. It could be weekly or monthly – any kind of motivational activity.

3. Gamification

So, in every network marketing community, there are different types of members. In different tiers, we have lurkers, active users, contributors, etc. Here also a funnel is working, for example, in the social media world, in a digital marketing community of 200 people, only 5-10% are active so the trick is to incentivize those people to get more contribution from all the members, and this is where gamification comes into the picture.

Also, this is where Facebook lacks certain essential features. In most of the marketing community engagement platforms, we can set up gamification in a good manner but, on Facebook, they have their own set, and we cannot customize it. Gamification talks about rewarding your inner circle. The 90-9-1 rule is where your relationship grading comes in and provides you with insights and metrics.

And if you are not satisfied, then you can just go ahead and build better relationships with the digital marketing professionals who are very active in your digital marketing community.

4. Super Users

It takes time, and relationship building is not easy. One has to do it no matter what, which brings him to Super Users. In companies with good marketing strategies, you give the torch to the super users, the active members and trust them with your work.

You allow them to do whatever they want within the global marketers community. Nonetheless, they do need to follow the established rules and boundaries set up by the community marketing manager. In super users, the community marketing concepts of status and ego come into the picture, and this is where human psychology comes into play.

According to Biswajeeta, if one is taking care of these 4 hacks and putting in the hard work, then their digital marketing community will be one of the best marketing communities in India and a good place to be a part of.

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What Intersection Does Biswajeet See In Marketing Background And Communities?

In a community worldwide marketing plan, some growth marketing communities are at the top of the funnel. If you look at the marketing funnel, there is a top, middle, and bottom. For example, at the top of the funnel, we have one of the top communities to join for product marketing, like Fitters Facebook Group. They are a digital marketing community of around 5 lakh members.

And it is a good awareness tool for them where they are getting the fitness freaks together with the coaches, and they are talking about their health with each other. These community marketing concepts are acting as a very good top-of-the-funnel marketing community engagement tool for the company. And that is how they have been growing in the social media world of digital marketing professionals.

Through the funnel, people are getting to know about the brand in the Facebook group, and if they need anything personalized, like direct chat, they will go to Fitter, and they can just buy those customized packages. It acts as a very humanized form of marketing community engagement. Getting the fitness gurus and people talking to everyone over there for creating awareness is driving their community.

Other than that, she thinks that a lot of people have super fans. So the super users might have some advocates, and they can jump in and talk to other members who are coming in, but they are getting the advocates through the community.

So if you have any campaign for a new launch, for example, a personalized diet plan, then they can just talk to their advocates from the global marketers community for the case studies and testimonials. You have a ready set of advocates from within the global marketing community. This is how it is a weapon for the digital marketing forum.

Apart from that, we can get a huge amount of user-generated content, from the members themselves. It can be used to fill the social media calendars, promote new campaigns, the blogs of the global marketing community, social media posts, etc.

To find out more about Biswajeeta and her take on the global marketing community, digital marketing forum, companies with good marketing strategies, etc., check out the complete interview with her here.