Diversity of Work & Skillsets in Community Management Industry

As the domain of Community Management is quite diverse, the work opportunities related to it are equally broad – nothing is out of bound for a community professional. The industry itself is a blue ocean for first-time entrepreneurs and also a huge mine for job-seekers – providing a unique variety of experiences and challenges.

For instance, what do you think will be the definition of community for a company like One Plus Inc? They would target high-end customers willing to buy products and services with advanced design, functions, or capabilities. At the same time, what do you think will be a community for Instagram Reels? Probably youngsters willing to make interactive videos by acting, singing, and dancing. This in turn is very different from what a community will mean to a group of teachers creating content for something like Byju’s – where the objective is to enhance collaboration between trainers rather than generating leads. See the variety? From front-facing to back-ended. From operation to marketing. Further, after the target community is defined, the company strategizes on formulating activities to attract this community to its platform or motivate them. This is where a community manager comes handy.

Community Skills(cc : Jeremiah Owyang)

While a company builds products and schemes, it needs a human voice to handle social interactions and community-building exercises with its existing and potential future customers as well as the employees themselves. A community manager works on developing this community by participating in discussions, finding leads, retaining users, and enhancing operational productivity within the internal team. He devises ways to engage the digital community and is the chief advocate of the brand, besides setting the metrics that the product and the marketing team would want to play around with.

Community Manager Skills

The community management industry employed over 1 million people worldwide as of 2020. The US Department of Labour foresees an annual 10%-15% addition of jobs in the industry every year. In a market where the industry is fairly young, like India, the average salary of a Community Manager hovers around Rs 5.55 LPA (the highest packages going way beyond Rs 17 LPA), with the industry employing at least 50,000 people. This is estimated to grow at over 50% to reach a mind-boggling 5 lakh jobs by 2027 as per a report by Market Watch in December, 2020.

CM Salary

This is surely a great scope for employment provision for an economy that is reeling in the aftermath of massive job-cuts in the wake of the Pandemic. With millions of skilled professionals thrown job-less, or looking to switch to better jobs – community management appears to be the apple in everyone’s eyes.

Promotion of vital Skill-Sets

The job of a community manager is very synonymous with that of an all-rounder in a sports team. The skill sets consist of technical, leadership, content, business, and analytical elements. A community manager is expected to possess the following basic skills:

  •         Leadership & team-management
  •         Excellent Communication
  •         Project Management
  •         Analytical & Problem-Solving nuances
  •         Content & Copywriting abilities
  •         Designing and Marketing capabilities
  •         Strategy, Research & Planning skills

A community manager works around multiple cross-functional teams and gets work done. His toolset includes kits for SEO & content marketing (like Yoast/SEMrush/Mailchimp), social media management tools (Hootsuite/Hubspot), designing tools (like Photoshop/Canva), business intelligence tools (SalesForce), CMS tools (WordPress/Drupal), etc.

CM Tools(cc : Jeremiah Owyang)

As one can see, the skills and tools which serve as a requisite for becoming a community manager are quite common to that which is required in most jobs in many industries and even for young entrepreneurs. This makes community management jobs a hit. A community manager can easily into a diverse number of jobs given his product managerial skillsets, and can also be a valued co-founder.

As a young India becomes more conscious about skills rather than mere degrees, this domain fits into the Prime Minister’s invocation for ‘Hard Work over Harvard.’

The Road Ahead

Community Management is here to stay. It offers a young and vibrant career path for young leaders. If you are a community manager or an aspirant to be one in the future, you may be interested in checking the free LikeMinds Community Bootcamp – where we train community professionals to build, grow and monetize their communities. Do check it out.