Community Podcast: How To Host A Podcast For Your Community?

The topic that we'll talk about today is how to launch your community podcast.

Today podcasting is such an important growth lever, that every community builder, if not do it, at least needs to be aware of the potential of what it holds. And whenever the time is right, they're able to launch a community podcast. When you are talking about podcasting, there are plenty of things that come into play.

Especially when you're podcasting for your community. The entire reason and purpose of podcasting are not just to reach out to people. But it's also to build a community. So, that is something that is essential at this point in time to remember. 

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So, by the end of this blog, you'd know:

  • Some important community podcast facts
  • What is a community podcast?
  • Why should you create a community podcast?

... And much more!

All to help you build stronger online communities.

So, let's get started!

Did You Know These Community Podcast Facts?

So, let's being by knowing some interesting and important facts about podcasts. These 5 facts will also give you perspective on what potential it has when it comes to podcasts acting as an aid for building online communities:

  1. India is the 3rd largest podcast listening market globally
  2. It is expected to be valued at INR 17.61 million by 2023
  3. There are over 2 million podcasts worldwide
  4. In the US, 66% of people above the age of 12 listen to podcasts
  5. There are currently 48 million episodes for you to listen to

The podcasting industry is growing and it's growing by leaps and bounds. Especially in India. So, if you see the numbers above, we're looking at INR 17.61 million, which is the expected value of podcasting just in a year's time. And if you realize, there are 2 million podcasts worldwide already, which also goes to show that we have a lot of people out there who already indulge in podcasting.

So, one of the countries which actually is leading in podcasts is the US. And the reason for that is that 66% of people in the US, above the age of 12, are already listening to podcasts. So, a lot of them listen to the educative podcasts, informative podcasts, they listen to political news debates, and things like that.

So, they basically moved this entire concept of radio into podcasting. And they are pretty happy in that zone. If you are an avid listener, then you have 48 million episodes for you, right now, as you read this blog, that are out there for you to listen to. And the best part is that India, as a country, is the 3rd largest in podcast listening.

This is the market globally. And s part of the community and as part of a growing podcast listening market, how can you blend the two?

You need to make sure that you hold value and you can build as much value in terms of just not giving your community something. But building larger than that. Being able to expose your ideas, thoughts, and the information you have to something more than that. So, think about it. What kind of community do you belong to? And what is the community you intently want to build at this point in time?  

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What Is A Community Podcast?

As per the Dictionary - 

It is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Now, this is what podcasting literally means for all of you out there. So, it is basically just a digital file. What happens is you are going to record something at home or in a studio. And it will be an audio snippet file. You can also do this recording on Zoom. But you must not rely entirely on Zoom because sometimes the audio differs.

But it's just typically you creating a digital audio file, which you will make available on the internet. And you will put it across different platforms. That means different podcast directories. So, the 2 major platforms for making your podcast available online are Spotify and Apple. Anywhere you listen to music, or anything audio, you can use that platform for podcasting. It's as simple as that.

A lot of podcasts are also available on YouTube, for a matter of fact. So, that is something that comes up in terms of repurposing your content. A lot of people like the visual aid along with podcasting. Because podcasting is essentially just entirely based on your listening. The best part about podcasting is it's very filtered and it's very selective.

It's very niche. So, if you don't want to listen to, let's say, something on politics, you don't have to. If you want to focus on blockchain, NFT, or leadership, you can. You can focus your listening entirely on the niche that you are interested in. So, that's the beauty of podcasting. Essentially, as mentioned above, it is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile service.

Let us also tell you, that 90% of the podcast listeners listen on their mobile devices. And we're pretty sure that you might agree because maybe 90% of the people reading this blog too, listen to podcasts on their mobiles. So, that's something that we all have. And that is why podcasting is also such a growing industry.

Because the reach is so much faster, it's like there might be somebody somewhere who doesn't have a laptop, but there's nobody who doesn't have a mobile phone, more or less. So, if you notice, it's much easier, more convenient for people and you can reach people through their mobile devices.

So, that's essentially what podcasting really is for you. 

Why Should You Create A Community Podcast?

There are many reasons why you should create a community podcast. Below, we'll talk about the 6 reasons in which community podcast can help you build a better online community:

Convenient To Create

Now, you think about all these communities. You're thinking about parenting, motherhood, tech, students, and careers. Everybody out there is looking for some amount of help. And as a community and a community builder, you understand the value of having people around you who need help.

But at the same time, they need people who feel like them.

What is a community?

A community is a bunch of people or a group who comes together because they can feel and empathize with each other. Like 'Hey, you know what? As a mother, I went through this.' So, the second person says. 'Ya, I went through this as well.' So, this is how we feel. You feel like you're not alone and there's scope to grow, share, explore and expand.

So, the first benefit is, that if you're podcasting for your community, what is actually going to happen is you're going to be able to make it convenient for yourself to reach your community. It's very-very convenient to create a podcast. Most people think it's difficult and we agree on some level.

That is why we suggest you started off with a maybe 6-episode pilot first. And if it does well, you can then go ahead with launching an entire series. Now, for community builders across the globe, podcasting has been extremely helpful when it comes to building communities.


Because when community builders create courses and content for the community, they can also reflect back on what they are discussing through the podcast. So, it's convenient. It can be difficult if you don't manage your time well. But it is convenient.

Builds Personal Brand And Increases Value

So, at this point in time, how would you describe your personal brand? As a community builder, what's your personal brand? Think about it. How would you describe it?

Jeff Bezos once said, ""Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.""

And It's quite right. But one thing about a personal brand that you must know as a community builder, is personal brand is not the same as a personality. Please do not mix this up. This is a mistake that a lot of people make. A personal brand is the value you bring to the table. Your offerings.

It's basically what you are bringing to the table and what you do. It is the value in terms of the market and what you are capable of doing. Your talents, skills, knowledge, and profession. That is the reason why, when you leave the room, people have something good to say about you. Personality is something else.

So, take for example, Gulshan Grover. All of you may have known Gulshan Grover. He was a villain in his time. And still is to some level. An air hostess, she refused to sit next to him. She refused to serve him on a flight once. Simply, because she thought he was a really bad man. That's the name he has gone by in most of his films or that resonates with him.

Now that is the personal brand the actor has created. His personality could be very sweet, warm, and nice. Not negative or villain-ish. He may not be an antagonist in his real life. But his personal brand is created with the kind of work he's done. And his work has been villain-ish. So, if his personal brand is one where somebody doesn't want to sit next to him or serve him, in a way, he has done a good job.

They've resonated with him so much. One thing to remember is if you're building your community, put a dash of your personality into it. So, if there is nurturing in your personality, how will you use that nurturing in your personal brand? And how will you grow your personal brand for your community?

Because eventually, as a community you become an entire brand yourself. So, this is what podcasting does. It helps you to build your personal brand. It helps you to take that personal brand to people in your community, your members. And then, immediately, and eventually, increases brand value. Great for visibility.

Great Platform To Express, Share, Inform, & Impart

Some people like to express, share, inform, and impart. But, they don't have the means to do so. So, podcasting is a great way to actually script out what you want to share. Create it in a nice, strategic, organized manner because podcasting in a sense is not like radio where you can go and just sit on air for 2 hours and constantly keep talking.

That's not what podcasting is. It is much more niche. It is very filtered. And it is very nicely curated. So, if you have things to share, express, or have information to impart, then this is definitely something you can do for your community. Because there will be a very organized and structured format in which you are going to share the information.

So, you will be very much on track. There's a direction and you will align with it.

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Higher Level Of Engagement

The level of engagement increases because people already get a feel of what you really have to share. And this is what community builders should be looking for. So, sometimes even people who are not in your community will resonate with your content. And they will join your community. They'll become part of what you are doing.

And that's how you build further.

Additional Revenue Stream And Global Reach

It is definitely an additional revenue stream. Not instantly, so please don't expect miracles. If you start, especially for your community, it's not an instant thing where you will be able to make money very fast. But it is an additional revenue stream if you are consistent, carry on, and have the right resources.

So, you can always find sponsors. There are billions of dollars going into podcasts at this point in time. So, that's again a great market for those who want to start podcasts. In the future, you will be able to benefit from that. And you can use that revenue stream to come back into your community. And do what you want to do to build your community.

So, in that sense, it's just a win-win. And then, of course, all of this will help you in increasing your global reach.

Community podcast: great way to express and share

Great Way To Communicate To Your Community, Especially If You Are Camera Shy

A lot of you out there might want to call yourselves introverts, shy, or reserved. You might say things like I don't like people or public speaking, and I have stage fright. And we're sure you do. You have stage fright because public speaking and stage fright, are basically, the 2nd largest phobia in the world.

So, public speaking is scary. A lot of people have stage fright. So, podcasting is a great way for you to reach out to people because all you need is a room and a mic. You don't need to be seen as long as you're heard, listened to, and are out there with your message. It's fine. Although we're gonna say don't label yourselves as introverts, extroverts, shy, reserved, this and that because as community builders, you must not label yourself.

You must not label yourselves because of one reason. What you are doing is you are confining yourself in a box. So, those who think they are introverts, are not introverts with their friends or with the few people in their life. Now those who say they are extroverts, may not be able to talk to a couple of new people or see a few people who intimidate them.

Also, introverts have been the greatest orators in history, so far. So, If by any chance you think you are an introvert, you'll be able to create a podcast. Don't worry about it.

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