Common mistakes to avoid while building online communities

It can be somehow easy to launch an online community. But the critical phase comes when you’re building long-lasting relations with members as it requires constant effort from both ends. May be you know about all the right things to do while building one.  But, today we are going to tell you about the things you should not do while building one. 

Lets take a stroll down, shall we?

Lack of vision

If you observe carefully, you’ll get to know that thriving communities always have a clear goal. They always know what they want to achieve. It could be anything from member retention to product improvisation.

So the first step is to decide what you want to achieve from your online community?

Choosing the wrong platform

Picking a platform for your online community can be a daunting task. In fact, any platform selection process can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, it will make you realize that you’re not sure about your goals. That’s why it’s important to give some time to this process. Check all the functionalities you will be needing to run your community before finalizing a platform.

Not defining community guidelines

It’s important to set certain community guidelines to make the community a safe space. Along with guidelines, you need to be proactive. Also, you need to see what is adding value to your community and what is actually crossing the line. In such a manner, the guidelines will change from time-to-time to best reflect the expectations of the current members.

Poor onboarding process

It is important to have a plan for moving new members along with your community. 

Introduce them to the right resources & members. Give them knowledge discovery so that the member becomes a contributor.  It will give them a sense of belonging in the long run and will go a long way in ensuring high participation.

 No content planning for engagement

If a community has no content to engage with, it will be unlikely for anyone else to join it. Take out some time to plan content for engagement. You can build a small group of active members who can help you to create quality content. This would definitely bring engagement for other members. 

Rushing for more members

It’s actually true when it comes to a community that size doesn’t matter. It’s the quality of the interactions between you and your community members that matters. You must have heard that members are the asset of your community. But this is true to some extent only. The real essence of a community lies in its network and the relationships you build.

Ignoring members and their needs

Ignoring community members is another big mistake many people make. This can be any form such as refusing to answer questions, not welcoming new members. Always remember, regular interaction with people is very important. There is nothing worse than ignoring them. 

Getting too emotional

When you start managing an online community, you will get to know that people are not always at their best. Many times they got upset and face a problem with others. As the admin of your community, you should keep things in perspective. You need to be thick skin here. Because if you get emotional to every incident that may arise, chances are more that you will damage your reputation.

Well, it takes an enormous amount of time & patience to build a thriving online community. You need to keep all these points in mind while building a community. Think of it in a long-term manner where solid relationships will help you and your members grow & learn from each other.

Make it a long-lasting one 🙂