Build your own branded community and monetise it!

Bring your people and sell digital products like memberships, groups chats, events, consultations, or courses.

Get the most powerful community platform

Get down to building your community faster and easier. LikeMinds has features inbuilt for higher engagement of members.

Efficiently monetise your community

If you already have an audience and are looking to monetise it more efficiently, we can help you by enabling:

Get all business tools you need

Whether you are starting fresh or have an existing business linked with your community, we have the right tools to get you started and grow rapidly.

And all this is while you are being hand-held by a LikeMinds Buddy!

Build a Community for Pretty Much Everything!

With its intelligently designed features, LikeMinds fits pretty much any reason you can think of for building a community. Here are some of the common use-cases:

Teaching and Coaching

Build constant communication with your students and mentees, while also sharing your knowledge.

Organizing Events and Shows

Keep your audience constantly engaged, and also organize paid events.

Sharing Skills & Knowledge

Build a community around your passion and make a difference in others’ lives.

Networking Around Causes

Gather people and build a community around a specific cause, foster discussions, organize events, and manage memberships

Creating and Sharing Art & Content

Develop intimate relationships with your audience, run paid events, and offer memberships when you grow.

Running and Growing a Brand

If you are looking to develop a community around your brand and its purpose, and want to have a deeper, intimate relationship with your customers, this program is meant for you.

We ❤️ our community entrepreneurs and they love us too

Hundreds of creators are building their community with us. Come be a part of the journey.

I started with 3 members and currently with 100 paid members. LikeMinds has supported me with marketing strategy, content creation, hacks and tools to build a sustainable community.

Prakruti Mehta

Community Manager

Choose the Pricing that Works for You

Based on where you are in your community entrepreneurship journey, we have many pricing options for you.


Get Started


Get Started


Get Started
Members i 1,000 10,000 10,000
Moderators 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Communities 1 1 Unlimited
Web White-labelled White-labelled White-labelled
iOS/ Android App LikeMinds LikeMinds White-labelled
File Upload Limit 100 MB 100 MB 100 MB
Total Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Charge for membership, events and courses Yes Yes Yes
Currencies Supported (with geo-specific pricing) INR/USD INR/USD INR/USD
Transaction Fee i 2% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0%
Existing Payment Gateway Integration No Coming Soon Coming Soon
Platform Fee ₹ 2999/month ₹ 5999/month ₹ 29999/month

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