Earn While Building A Vibrant Community

LikeMinds enables Community Entrepreneurs to build & monetize engaging communities with features that combine chat with subscription & marketing capabilities.

You focus on launching 'your' community!

While we get you the first few 'paying members'

There are many steps involved in launching one’s community, from setting up everything to attracting the first few paying members. You can rely on us to ease off this journey because we will:

We promise to set you up for success. Curious how? 

Manage members' subscriptions & renewals like a Pro!

Without worrying about the tech behind it

At the heart of becoming a successful Community Entrepreneur lies only secret → repeat-paying members. You don’t want to miss on timely renewals & additional opportunities to monetize wherever possible. With LikeMinds, you get:

LikeMinds also provides access to advanced features like the ability to run paid events​ and opportunities for brand sponsorships & partnerships. Interested in learning more?

What community managers say about us

I started a YouTube channel for educating NDA aspirants, but it was a one-way communication from my side. In Likeminds, I found a perfect platform for building my community, especially because of its cool features like chatrooms, events, and polls.
Sachin Srivastava
CM, Defence Tribe
LikeMinds gave me a chance to build my own German community which consists of over 100 members today. From learning grammar to discussing university applications, I am getting a chance to explore German and Germany.

Sawini Kabi
CM, Deutsche in Tandem
Community building with Likeminds has been full of opportunities, where we have even start paid membership within our community of Korean language enthusiasts. We have over 500 members right now, and it's still growing.

Yukta Yadav
CM, Han Hangul

Experience 'accelerated' member retention & referrals

Since we make it easy to delight members

You are running a successful community but you are struggling to acquire new members. We will expedite your growth by:

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Acquire skills to become a top 'Community Entrepreneur'!

And earn handsomely.

We know starting up is hard. But if you are dedicated & passionate, with the right set of tools, support & mentors, you can sail through easily. With LikeMinds, you get:

We are here to ease your entrepreneurial journey. Wondering how?

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More on LikeMinds & our incubation program

The LikeMinds app along with the incubation program is designed to produce a generation of dynamic Community Entrepreneurs.

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