Zoom Online Classes: 10 Fun Activities To Host In A Learning Community

Zoom online classes – whenever one listens to this phrase, they quickly imagine teachers and students of traditional schools using it. And because of an obvious reason: COVID – 19. But let me give you a little perspective here.

Picture this:

You have a Zoom online learning community. And its unique selling point is exclusive content and fun Zoom events.

With the above words, did you just imagine your community having more students than the traditional schools?

Yes, that is exactly what I wanted you to think of because this blog will help you achieve exactly that!

All the Zoom online learning communities have mastered the art of selecting the right type of programs, hosting the right type of educational events, and all of that.

But the one element that is missing in their community education plan is fun events. After all, traditional schools also have game classes and breaks for a reason. And we need to ensure the same element in the Zoom online learning communities as well to make them a great success.

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So today we’ll tell you 10 fun events that you can host as part of your Zoom classes.

Let’s get started!

10 Fun Activities To Host In A Zoom Online Learning Community

So, we curated this list of top 10 fun activities that one should host as part of their Zoom online classes. These activities provide students a chance to get to know each other better, hence, giving them another reason to stick to the program till the end.

And not just this, getting to know each other better in a fun way also ensures complete participation in future discussions and group projects. After all, having fun is an important factor when it comes to educating and learning. Dull and boring Zoom online classes just make the students drop off from the Zoom course in the middle. And we sure don’t want that!

1. Discussion Starters

This is a super fun activity that acts as an icebreaker. Share 3 questions on the screen and each student has to pick one & answer it. If you wish, you can do this activity only once and keep it for the first Zoom online class only. Else you can make it a permanent part of your Zoom course and start each Zoom class with this activity. This will help students to know each other a little better with every Zoom online class.

2. That’s Me!

In this game, someone would say a statement like “I have 2 cats.” And all those who have 2 cats in the group will turn their cameras on. Similarly, everyone would do this turn-wise. This activity will help students know each other on a personal level and will make the Zoom classes more interactive as the Zoom course proceeds. 

3. Write And Show

As a daily closing activity, ask participants to write their reactions to the Zoom online class on a page in one word and then show it to everyone. You can make this activity more fun by asking your students to write a feeling or to choose a headline from the newspaper that best describes that Zoom online class for them to gather feedback. In case of negative feedback, a discussion session can be held later.

4. What’s Going On in This Picture?

Create random breakout rooms and show students a picture. Then ask 3 questions on the same, like, what is going on in this picture? What do you see that makes you say that?, What more can you find?, etc. This activity helps in improving communication and collaboration skills in students. And not just this, it also acts as a practice activity for future group discussions.

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5. Meditation

Consider hosting a breathing exercise session for a couple of minutes in every Zoom online class or every alternate Zoom online class. Not just this, you can select and do a different breathing or mental exercise in every Zoom online class that does not take more than 5 minutes to complete. This will ensure the mental well-being of the students and will help you avoid burnout too.

6. Talent Show

Host an event wherein all the students get to show their talent. This talent can be anything, playing instruments, singing, telling jokes, etc. After all, a talent show is not just for kids. Someone who’s pursuing a professional online Zoom course can definitely have a talent in them which they haven’t showcased in a long time. So, go ahead and add some fun to your Zoom online classes.

7. Discussion Boards

Add a permanent chat room/discussion board feature where old & new students can have general conversations, share collaboration opportunities, network with each other, and have some fun by sharing memes with one another. Including this activity in your education plan will ensure that the students can have fun and relax whenever they want, without having to wait for a Zoom online class.

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8. Polls

You can also think of hosting fun polls to gather feedback at the end of each Zoom online class. Doing so will also help in improving the teaching process. And not just this, if you have a permanent chat room or a discussion board, then you can host fun polls there as well to get the conversations going and give students a chance to relax every now and then. For example, do you like cricket or football?

9. Zoom Online Class Karaoke

How about hosting a karaoke night for all? Whether someone is a bathroom singer or really good at it, everyone can take a part in it. And you can also have the option to use YouTube videos for those students who are bad at remembering the song lyrics. And if you want to make it more fun, then you can also host a poll and select a specific genre for the karaoke night.

10. Dress-up Days

Have a theme for each Zoom class and ask students to come dressed according to the theme of that Zoom online class. For example shirt day, hat day, sunglasses day, etc. Let’s face it, a lot of people like to dress up, but not many people feel like putting in the effort when they are at home. So, give a reason to all those students who are working from home to dress up and show up!

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So, these are our top 10 fun activities that you can use to host as part of your Zoom classes. Letting students have some fun while learning is all you need to grow your customer base.

But don’t take our word for it!

Try it and then see the results for yourself!

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