Yoga Community: In Conversation With Well-being’s CM Prakruti Mehta

During our weekly Saturday ritual event, called Incredible Stories Of Community Entrepreneurs, we had a little chat with Prakruti Mehta. She is the community manager of a monetized yoga community, Well Being Community. She is also one of the first LikeMinds Community Entrepreneurs.

In this exclusive conversation with Prakruti, we got to know:

  • What Are The Positive Impacts That Her Yoga Community Brings Into The Lives Of Its Members?
  • How Was Her First Experience Of Monetization Into The Yoga Community?
  • What Kind Of Support Did She Receive From LikeMinds?

And much more… So let’s get reading!

If I Join Her Yoga Community, What Would My Daily Life Look Like?

Prakruti’s entire intention of building this online yoga community is to make yoga and self-care a part of our daily routine. Just like how we get up and take a shower, one can invest 15-20 minutes in this self-care routine. She thinks that we need to start understanding the importance of our health.

Making this a practice – not just during the COVID times but even otherwise. So, if you are a part of her online yoga community, she is going to make a healthy routine your daily ritual.

What Are The Positive Changes That Her Yoga Community Brings Into The Lives Of Its Members?

Talking about the testimonials, the members have shared a lot of positive changes after two months of joining the online yoga community. Some of them are as follows:

  1. They are feeling more relaxed.
  2. Their sleep patterns have improved.
  3. They are maintaining high energy levels.
  4. Their flexibility has improved.
  5. They are gaining more confidence.

There was another member, who was not very accepting of their body but understands the importance of body positivity now. These are a few things that the members have shared with Prakruti.

However, this is not just because of the online yoga community. She believes that yoga and pranayama are extremely powerful. And if you can give 30 mins a day, it can do wonders for your life. She is so thankful for all these people coming together and pushing each other, towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

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What Would Be Her Three Tips On How To Stay Sane During The Difficult Times?

  • Don’t spend too much into picking up what is happening around you. Because times are really bad. Giving into news, simply talking about whatever is happening induces a lot of fear inside us.

And as soon as we start to incorporate a fearful emotion, our immune system drops down completely. Let’s not give in to that kind of negativity.

  • Pranayama is something that is forgotten. But it’s time we really connect with this ancient science of India. And it is immensely powerful.

The first thing COVID attacks is our lung capacity to intake oxygen. Pranayama helps in improving our lung’s oxygen intaking capacity. So that’s exactly what we need right now.

  • We can smile even though things are difficult. We can try to be more joyful. Everyone reading this, please smile right away!

How Was Her First Experience Of Monetization Into The Yoga Community?

Initially, Prakruti started a free membership community. She was not earning anything back then. However, she realized that the services that she was providing had some value. According to her, if no energy exchange or monetization is happening, people take it for granted.

LikeMinds played a huge role in helping her monetize the online yoga community from the very
beginning. She still considers herself very new to community building. It has just been three months
since she started. LikeMinds believed in her before she started believing in herself.

It has been a very beautiful journey and there were times when she had lost all hopes. She was very skeptical if things would work out for her. This was kind of an experiment from her side but it’s all working out now. What is more fulfilling to her is that she gets to make a difference in other people’s lives.

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What Kind Of Support Did She Receive From LikeMinds?

Initially, there were some events that Prakruti wanted to conduct. Only two people turned up
to her first event. One of them was her friend. So it was just one other person. She got very
disappointed because she was expecting too much of herself. This made her question everything.

This is when she talked to one of the members of the LikeMinds team. He told her, “You just
experiment, things are going to get better. You need to understand that it is going to take some time.” He reassured her whenever she needed it the most. It helped her a lot.

What Is The One Impact She Wants To Make In This World Through Her Yoga Community?

Prakruti is very close to the concept of self-love and self-care. It has changed her life in a much better way. And she is still learning, it’s a work in progress. Taking honest, emotional care of yourself, that’s something she wishes to share with everyone she comes across.

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