Writers Community: In Conversation With Digital Writopreneur’s Rajinder Soni

During our weekly Saturday ritual event, called Incredible Stories Of Community Entrepreneurs, we had a little chat with Rajinder Soni. He runs a digital writers community which he has scaled to over 700 premium members on the LikeMinds platform.

In this exclusive conversation with Rajinder, we got to know:

  • Who Is Rajinder Soni And What Community Is He Building On The LikeMinds Platform?
  • Why Did He Choose The Name Digital Writopreneur For His Writers Community?

And much more!

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Who Is Rajinder Soni And What Community Is He Building On The LikeMinds Platform?

Rajinder is a writer and editor turned digital entrepreneur. He has been writing articles online for the last 14 years and through blogging, he was able to gain his first writer’s community member on 1st September 2019. And now, today, they have got more than 700+ members who have taken the training, and also written many articles.

And after writing these articles, the community writers were able to start monetizing through connecting with their first freelance clients and many have turned into digital coaching as well.

Some of the community writers have turned into becoming book authors, novel writers, and the sky is the limit for them, because, in his community, Rajinder is focusing on the overall development of his digital entrepreneurs, who are basically like his kids. He’s grooming the community of writers like they are his children.

Why Did He Choose The Name Digital Writopreneur For His Writers Community?

A digital writopreneur is not just a writer, the person is a lot more than that. A person can become a professional copywriter after going through the training and then, they can also become entrepreneurs.

So, a person who starts from writing and builds a brand in Google and develops Google authority, and also creates a writing brand, and then they can convert into entrepreneurs, become a digital coach or a YouTuber, podcaster, voice-over artist, anything they want.

This tag of being a digital writopreneur is so special and unique that a lot of the members from the writer’s community have added it proudly on their LinkedIn profiles.

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The Story Of A Writopreneur

When his online writing community started in September 2019, the first batch included 4-5 members. These people joined him through the Indian Copywriters Forum.

He was in the corporate job for 19 years, as a Senior Copywriting Manager. First 11 years of his career, Rajinder was into medical transcription editing. He was a quality analyst and he trained a lot of medical transcriptionists. Then, he focused on copywriting.

In 2011, he joined a company in Noida. And then, he left that job and started coaching. The reason to start coaching was that in June 2018, around 7 people who had more experience than him were thrown out of the company within a day, without any notice.

So, that made him believe a lot more in the coaching system than the salary that he was getting paid in the company. There was a simple reason for that. With the efforts that he is putting in a job, he is getting pennies for them. Whereas the people who are hiring him for the job are making a lot of money and all the credit is given to them.

This was the reason he started building his coaching community. Surprisingly, it took him 40 days to come up with his first video for the launching course. For all those 40 days, he was thinking whether he’d be able to run the community of writers or not.

Then, on a Sunday evening, he locked himself in a room and ended up creating his 3-hour course in just 8 hours. So, this is how he started his online writing community. And then there was no looking back!

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