Virtual Community Building Circle: How To Host One Successfully?

Hosting a virtual community building circle is the need of the hour, no matter what type of online community you have!

People have this misconception that hosting virtual community building restorative circles is not for every community. It is a practice that is only for online communities that help people with emotional or mental distress. But that is not the case at all!

Creating virtual communities is all about bringing people together so that they can be there for one another. And another factor that is common across communities is to provide a platform to people where they feel safe and belonged.

And as we all know, a lot of people refrain from accepting emotional or mental distress. As a result of which, many of them are likely not to join an online community that can really help them come out of it. So, what can be done to help people create bonds easily?

What if you turn your community into a platform that makes it easier for them to open up?

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you what we’re talking about!

In this blog, we’ll tell you:

  • Why you should host a virtual community building circle?
  • What are the benefits of hosting virtual community building circles for businesses?
  • How to host virtual community building restorative circles?
  • What are some examples of community building circle questions and prompts?

… All to help you host some amazing virtual community building circles!

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Why You Should Host A Virtual Community Building Circle?

So, above when we were talking about how you can turn your community into a platform that helps members in opening up with others easily – we were certainly not suggesting you to change the objective of your online community. All we were suggesting was, to provide them with a specific event where they are the ones talking.

It doesn’t matter what type of community you have: a community for professionals or a learning community or a community of gamers, every community has people that have a hard time interacting with others. And if not that, everyone has small issues that keep bothering them. And all that is required by them is a platform where they feel safe to share their worries or even something good that happened.

So, irrespective of personal or professional, you just need to provide your members a space where they can talk about anything. And that is what will help you in retaining them. And you can also make virtual community building restorative circles one of your online community rituals. You can decide how frequently you’d like to host these virtual community building circles.

You can host them every week or every month. Whichever frequency you see fits best. Also, another misconception about hosting virtual community building restorative circles is that people host them so that they can talk about their worries and issues to feel a little better. But that need not be the case always.

You can also host virtual community building circles in your community to ask about what good is happening or has happened in people’s lives recently. Or you can host them to ask why they enjoy being a part of your community. But refrain from hosting virtual community building restorative circles to gather feedback on your product or service. This event type is not for that purpose.

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What Are The Benefits Of Community Building Circles For Businesses?

If you are struggling with achieving high engagement and enabling friendships in your community, then guess what is it that you need?

Yes, you guessed it right!

Virtual community building circles!

By participating in a virtual community building circle, people can listen to each other in real-time while also being able to see them. And being able to hear and watch people in real-time plays a big role in making people feel connected.

Also, talking about a common subject is what will help people bond with each other in the community later. Having the compulsion to listen to everyone as part of participating in the virtual community building circle will help them in knowing what they have in common with other people. The good, the bad, the ugly – all of it!

So, just by hosting virtual community building restorative circles, you can get the conversations going and have people bond with each other in the community without having to drop a single text. Yes, that is what hosting virtual community building circles can do for you.

How To Host Virtual Community Building Circles?

The whole objective of hosting a virtual community building circle is to provide your community with an event that is encouraging, supporting, judgment-free, and joyful. An environment that ensures their mental well-being too. Also, virtual community building circles increase member engagement in general as it helps people in getting along with each other.

So, a virtual community building circle can be hosted on any platform that is made for virtual meetings. You can either host these virtual community building restorative circles on Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, depending on the size of your community.

Next, once you’ve informed the community members about the platform being used along with the day and time of your event, all you need to do to start your virtual community building circle event is ask a simple question. Let’s say you have a community of community builders, so your question can be as simple as something like: What is the most exciting thing about building communities for you?

And you’re quite done here. After this, all you have to do is call out people’s names either alphabetically or randomly, and hear their thought, feelings, or stories. Just that! And as people answer this question, you’d automatically get insights into the good and the bad side of things. So, based on their answers, you can make a list of community building circles questions for your future events.

And when you create the list of community building circle prompts, make sure they have a mix of questions that gets people talking about both, the good and the not-so-good side of things. Not only will it help you in maintaining a good balance and ensure that you’re not overdoing either of the two, but it will also keep the event interesting for your community members. And let’s not forget the benefits that it will provide for mental health.

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What Are Some Examples Of Community Building Circle Questions And Prompts?

To make your task of hosting virtual community building circles easier, we’ve curated this exhaustive list of community building circle prompts. If you don’t want to spend time writing original community building circles questions for your event, you can use these questions as it is or tweak them if you want.

  1. Share 1 tip for better time management and why do you feel it’s effective?
  2. What is the one most challenging part of being a mom and why?
  3. If you could have 1 superpower that can help you in building communities, what would it be?
  4. What do you like the most about being a marketing professional?
  5. How would you describe it is to work as a developer?
  6. What are the 2 things that you feel are unexpected in an entrepreneurship journey?
  7. If you could be a fitness influencer, who would you be and why?
  8. What are the 2 things that your kids do that always make you laugh?
  9. If you weren’t a content writer, what other job do you think you would have been good at?
  10. What got you interested in being an entrepreneur?
  11. Who do you look up to when it comes to being a mother?
  12. What is the best part of being a gamer?
  13. What do you think the world would be like if there was no coffee?
  14. How does makeup make a difference in people’s lives?
  15. What is that one marketing-related thing that makes you super angry?
  16. Do you think it’s important to have good time management skills?
  17. What do you like the most about being a community builder?
  18. What is the one thing that is most important for being a successful marketing professional?
  19. Had you been a reporter instead of a developer, what kind of stories would you write?
  20. What is the most annoying thing about resolving bugs?
  21. Which entrepreneur do you look up to and why?
  22. What change would you like to see in yourself as a professional gamer?
  23. Which 2 exercises do you think you’re best at as a fitness instructor and why?
  24. What is the silliest thing that you ever did as a kid?
  25. Which writing piece do you consider your best so far and why?
  26. What do you think is the most difficult thing for an entrepreneur to overcome?
  27. What is the most difficult part of being a professional gamer?
  28. Which coffee do you prefer more, hot or cold? And why?
  29. What scares you the most about being a makeup artist?
  30. How do you deal with a situation where a deliverable got delayed due to poor time management?
  31. What is your most embarrassing moment as a community builder that you can laugh at now?
  32. What is that one time when you went outside your comfort zone as an entrepreneur?
  33. Have you ever ended up injuring yourself or your client as a fitness coach?
  34. What is the 1 thing that you would do to promote makeup artists?
  35. Have you ever faced a situation that got worse after talking to your kids?
  36. What is that one moment in your career where you felt that you’re not a good enough writer?
  37. What is the one most important lesson that entrepreneurship has taught you?
  38. Why is having coffee every day so important for you?
  39. What is that one thing that you’d like to work on and improve as a mom and why?
  40. What is the 1 change that you would like to see in the community building industry?

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