Types Of Learning Communities: 10 Different Communities You Can Join

When we say that there is a community for almost everything that you can think of – we really mean it! And in this blog, we’re going to tell you about different types of learning communities and why you should join them.

So, do we have your attention?

Were you thinking of improving your knowledge of Flutter and learning skills related to the same? Or are you a content writer who has been wanting to improve their writing skills of late? Or are you a mother who has been looking for the right source to learn how you can help educate your kid the right way?

Whatever your profession is and whatever is it that you want to learn, we have an online learning community for you that you can join and be a part of right away! And trust us, for learning new things and upskilling yourself, participating in online learning communities is all that you need to do.

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10 Different Types Of Learning Communities

So, now we’re going to tell you about 10 different types of learning communities and why you should join them. And not just the type of community, we’ll also give you examples of online learning communities that are super successful in their domain. So, let us now see these 10 different types of learning communities:

1. Time Management Communities

Yes, you read that right, time management communities do exist! If you’re struggling to achieve your goals because of poor time management, then consider joining an online time management community. You’ll be taught how to manage your time better so that you can achieve your goals as part of a time management community.

One such time management community is BSB Training Academy. The founder of this online learning community is Brigadier Sushil Bhasin, who helps people by teaching them how to manage their time better. He runs a dedicated program called the ‘Time Manager’s Program’ that offers exclusive insights on how one can identify, and use their time so that they can achieve more in life.

2. Community Building Communities

We hope you don’t think that community builders are born with the skills of building communities. As any other professional, community builders too, need to learn a lot of skills and gain a lot of knowledge to be able to build a successful online community. And that is why there are communities that are made only to cater to the learning needs of a community builder.

And if you are a community builder looking for a community where you can upskill yourself and learn how to grow your business, then we suggest you join CommunityHood. It is an online learning community of community builders that is run by LikeMinds itself. Our community has 40+ speakers and 50+ resources that will help you in upskilling and networking.

3. Marketing Communities

If you’re into marketing and want to upskill yourself, then you can go for an online marketing community to gain all the new skills and update your knowledge of this domain. There are various marketing communities out there that specially serve the needs of marketing professionals. From online workshops to one on one mentorship, you’ll find it all in these digital learning communities.

A good marketing community that you can consider joining is BMC Software. If you are a marketing professional, then this is one of the best online learning community for growth marketing that you can be a part of. This online marketing community will teach you how to develop authentic and transparent relationships with your customers.

4. Developer Communities

Well, online technical communities is what has taken the world by storm. It is likely that anyone who knows about online communities, knows at least about one technical community, if not more. So whatever your upskilling requirement is, we assure you that there are numerous developer relations digital learning communities out there for you to choose from.

But if you want to go by our suggestion, then we’d recommend you to join SAWO Labs’ online community. Not only will you get to learn a lot from this community, but you can also provide feedback on the same. And trust us, they listen and act upon all the feedback that is given to them. From documentation to explaining tutorials, you’ll get to learn it all here.

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5. Entrepreneurship Communities

An online learning community consisting of entrepreneurs, doesn’t it sound exciting? It sure does! So, if you are an entrepreneur and are struggling to get your business to the heights that it deserves, then we suggest you join a community of entrepreneurs. Yes, these online entrepreneur communities help entrepreneurs in solving their problems by upskilling them.

One of the best online learning community for entrepreneurs is the Riddl community. This is a community where along with getting resources to upskill yourself, you will also get assistance and guidance in implementing your project as a startup idea. As part of this online entrepreneur community, you’ll also get a chance to attend weekend mentorship sessions by some of the leading entrepreneurs.

6. Yoga Communities

Fitness is amongst the most important things for a lot of people these days and every day we hear how celebrities are obsessed with yoga. And if you thought offline yoga classes and YouTube videos are the only way to learn yoga, then let us tell you something new – there exists a thing called online yoga communities too!

So, if you want to learn yoga and join an online yoga community for the same, then you can join Well Being Community. In this community, you’ll get to learn a 15-20 min self-care routine that also includes yoga. The yoga that you’ll learn in this community will help you feel relaxed, improve your sleep pattern, help maintain high energy levels, improve flexibility, and gain more confidence.

7. Kids Communities

Don’t get confused, we’re not going to talk about a community that kids join for playing games. We are going to tell you about a community for parents that helps them in ensuring a good education for their kids that are in pre-school or kindergarten. If you didn’t know already, then let us tell you that there are online kids communities where you can find high-quality educational content for your kids.

KIDS Activities and Worksheets is one such community where you can find a ton of educational content for your kids. And not just that, you can also learn about a lot of kindergarten activities that are great for the development of your kids. With the community having 1.18 lakh members, you’ll get to learn a lot of educational and parenting tips from the members as well.

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8. Writing Communities

As they say, “There is no end to learning new things.”, similarly, there is no specified extent to which one can learn writing or improve their writing skills. So, if you want to learn writing from scratch or want to improve your writing skills, then you can join an online writing community where you can learn whatever you want with respect to writing.

A writers community that you can check out is Digital Writopreneurs Hub. In this community of writers, members are provided with proper training on writing articles. And this training helps the members in getting freelance clients or starting their own digital coaching classes. And not just that, even if you want to become a book author or a novel writer, this training prepares you for that too.

9. Women Entrepreneurship Communities

There are a lot of online education communities out there that are specifically made to support women in their entrepreneurship journey. And if you are a woman entrepreneur, then you can benefit a lot from joining an online women entrepreneur community. You can learn a lot about entrepreneurship as well as learn new skills or improve your existing ones.

An amazing women entrepreneur community that has been around for 10+ years now is HEN – Her Entrepreneurial Network. This online community helps women in creating successful businesses. Different types of online learning tools like workshops are used in the community that cover all types of business-related topics. From small issues to big ones, you can learn to solve them all here.

10. Mom Communities

From ladies in the office to ladies at home, we have a community for all! If you are a mother who is at home, taking care of a newborn baby or toddler, and wants to focus on your career too, then there are online mom communities that can help you with this and much more. If you want to learn new skills and upskill yourself while taking care of your kid, then do try joining a mom community.

One such community that helps women who became moms in continuing their passion is Mom Shares Club. They conduct curated educational sessions for everything, from blogging to digital marketing and social media to entrepreneurship. You name it and they are sure to help you upskill in your chosen domain.

10 Different Types Of Online Learning Communities

And as mentioned above, if you are a community-building professional, then join CommunityHood today! From community-led growth to customer engagement strategies, you’ll get to learn about it all here.

And these were the 10 different types of learning communities that you can explore and join based on your interest. And remember, whatever is it that you want to learn or upskill yourself in, there is an online learning community out there waiting to help you achieve it.

So, go out there and start participating in online learning communities. Find your community, join it, explore it, engage in it, and keep learning from it!

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