Taking Stock – A Community Manager’s Story #3

“I could afford for my sister’s marriage from the income that I draw from the financial advisory. And that’s a great feeling for a middle-class person.” We interacted recently with Mr. Saurabh Chaudhary, a young community manager working in the domain of financial advisory.

The Stock Guy

Effect Of The Pandemic

Saurabh has been in the financial advisory business for over a year now. He is currently registered with multiple brokerage firms like Angel Brokers, Edelweiss Finance, Alice Blue, etc. Saurabh offers all types of financial advice like exit calls, buy calls, knowledge-building videos, market analysis reports, etc. backed by solid research.

He was a self-starter in the domain and learned his trade by handling different client accounts in segments such as Commodities, Derivatives, Futures, Options, Mutual Funds, and Bonds. Financial well-being is a niche that has inspired many micro-communities, most of which propped up around the pandemic to help people invest better. 

“When the lockdown happened and business started shutting down, I thought the worst has begun. As such people didn’t believe in online financial advice much. But the pandemic caught me by surprise. Rising online communities during the pandemic, not only brought in a fresh batch of retail investors but also provided credibility to hard-working people like us.”

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The Power Of Communities

Saurabh used Facebook Groups to acquire users for his firms by providing adequate free research materials. Thereupon, he built a Telegram group that grew to have 17000 members. Significantly, he created a catalog of the services he offered and shared it using Whatsapp groups.

And the growing micro-community revolution helped him acquire 30/40 clients per month – even more than the Pre-Covid times. 

“Groups help to sustain relationships with clients by getting in the trust factor amongst members. But, I think that the Whatsapp privacy policy change will be detrimental. No user wants to share financial details on an unsecured platform.”

Saurabh’s open-hearted support for the virtues of online micro-communities made us feel happy as a stakeholder in the Community Industry. At the same time, his fears over data privacy also raise many concerns. Thus, the modern community member knows exactly what he wants and what he offers. Hoodwinking them is never an option. 

As the rise of communities happens and more people’s lives are touched, enabling the best features and highest security protocols for group members is vital – a vision to which I remain committed. Hoping that communities continue to reward the lives of many Saurabhs around the world.

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