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Communityship – The Next Big Step

The value of online communities could not have been witnessed better than in the year that went by. Stuck at homes under stringent lockdowns, the world relied on online micro-communities to simulate their offline experiences. Everything from water-cooler talks in the…
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Is Data Privacy Good For Community Managers?

The announcement made by WhatsApp last month about changes in its privacy policy sent shockwaves across India. The young community management industry in India has relied heavily on WhatsApp groups to grow. On a daily basis, many hobby, professional, family…
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How To Start A Community?

Starting a community can be a daunting task for many. So here are eight steps to successfully prepare for the launch of your new community.
What is the only thing that differentiates humans from animals? I think we can solve problems in enormous groups over time. If you noticed, everyone wants a successful community revolving around them where they can share their stuff and learn…
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