EduWarrior – A Community Manager’s Story #1

Ravi Suttar - Educator, Community Manager

In a world of White Hats & Byju’s, it is gratifying to find people attempting to change the education sector – not from a commercial perspective, but rather with a societal welfare aspiration. The life of young community manager Ravi Suthar exemplifies this.

Ravi, currently with Infosys, trains kids, students & corporates in many emerging technologies. While in college, he started training people with a vision of imparting industry-oriented knowledge at free to minimal costs. He didn’t want anyone to miss out because of monetary reasons. As a student himself, he understood the challenges of constrained budgets. In his final year, he traveled around Rajasthan, teaching students as part of the Atal Innovation Mission – a flagship program by the Indian government. He runs coding camps for two companies and runs batches for school & college kids – devoting around 20 hours apart from job life. He helps students build projects and helps working professionals with reskilling sessions on Machine Learning, AI, and Python. Sometimes the workload and the extra stress get to him, but Ravi’s genuine love for training and teaching keeps him going – an inspiration drawn from society.

Dabbling around with multiple groups-based platforms, Ravi has managed to not only build a dedicated student-base but also continues to expand organically through proper word-of-mouth channeling. His story is a powerful example of the difference that online micro-communities are bringing to our lives. Thanks to platforms like Whatsapp & Telegram, teaching, training, & re-skilling sessions are now possible from the comfort of our homes. Many community managers are using these platforms to become next-generation educators. Backed by a robust digital revolution and a Pandemic induced new normal that has ushered in the culture of staying put at home, we are seemingly living up to our potential of being a super knowledge hub.

We salute all such educators & community managers who make India better with their dedication, resilience, and earnest hard work.