Community Fellowship

The LikeMinds Fellowship programme is designed to create the next generation of Community Leaders by helping young community managers build, grow and monetise their digital communities.

Fellowship Program Structure

  • Community Goal Setting
  • Social Media Training Content Planning
  • Inner Circle Formation
  • Calendar Planning For Community Management
  • Likeminds App onboarding

  • Social Media Channel Activities
  • Logo Making Creating Stories
  • Create community using Likeminds
  • Member Management Inner Circle Onboarding
  • Introducing  New Members 
  • Launching Community Events
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Running Paid Ads

  • Content Marketing Via Blogs Marketing Via Newsletters
  • Scaling Up Ads

  • Program Membership
  • Premium Events
  • Paid Membership
  • Workshops & Courses
  • Monetization Strategies

Your Coaches

Paras Pundir

Community Management Expert

Led community programs for Microsoft, Facebook, etc. TEDx speaker & winner of Community Professional of the year award 2020.

Nipun Goyal

Founder LikeMinds

Forbes 30 Under 30 list member and IIT Delhi graduate. Ex-founder of Curofy (community of over 500,000+ doctors) and now the founder of LikeMinds.

Mihir Joshi

Social Media Expert

Expert on Social Media Management and scaling up of community operations. An expert on community growth and engagement.

Kushal Jasoria

Ops & Strategy Expert

Ex-founder, online educator and musician, BITS Pilani graduate and currently specializes on ops and strategy for startups.


Being passionate about the German language, I always wanted to connect with people with whom I could converse and improve my language but after school there was no way to meet such likeminded people as language partners are not that easy to find. LikeMinds gave me a chance to build my own German community which consists of over 100 members today.... From meet ups to playing fun games, learning grammar to discussing about university applications and scholarships, I am getting a chance to explore and help others do the same in terms of German and Germany. Ever since the community was launched, it has shown a promising growth curve and more so now because we're trying to monetize it, giving a sense of exclusivity to the members. Read more

Sawini Kabi
Community Manager

Initially when I joined LikeMinds I had a small book club of my own, I didn't know much about community building at that time but after working with them and after starting HanHangul: A community for Korean language and culture enthusiasts I have learned so much more about community building and how everything works....We have over 500 members right now and it's still growing, I have had the opportunity to meet such amazing people who share the same interests as me. Community building with Likeminds has been full of opportunities, where we can even start paid membership communities. Read more

Yukta Yadav
Community Manager

I wanted to build a home for cricket enthusiasts. My skills in marketing and interest in cricket landed me with Likeminds. Since then I have been acting as a strategist and an executioner in the community, facing various challenges and solving them one by one. A community measures its success with the satisfaction of its member, something that we try to achieve every day. Seeing results is priceless. ... The user interface and user experience is a place we work hard on as I feel the harder we work, the better experience our members would get. Constant planning and being up to date is a must for a community manager. I would like to highlight that when the members like our efforts, they tend to help us in organizing events and even volunteer to grow our community. I was told by my mentor that "Making people meet is a godly act, and not everyone does that. As a LikeMinds Community Manager, I take pride in my work and when someone likes what they do, they never work a day in their lives. Read more

Ankit Anand
Community Manager

In my 10th standard I had decided to go for National Defence Academy. I prepared hard for it and cleared the NDA exam but I could not clear the SSB interview due to my poor English communication. From that day I decided that I will be helping those people who are going for SSB interviews and do not have effective communication skills. I started a YouTube channel but it was a one-way communication from my side.... I was searching for a platform where I can build my community for more engagement. And then I got to know about Likeminds. Believe me, Likeminds is a perfect platform for building communities because it has cool features - like you can create chatrooms within a chatroom, which is a new innovation; you can create events and you can run polls as well. Overall, I would like to say that if you are looking for building a group, then Likeminds is a perfect platform. Read more

Sachin Srivastava
Community Manager

Convert your passion for community building into a business.