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Lunch with LMCMs | Challenges of a Community Manager

  • April 15, 2021

Lunch with LMCMs (LikeMinds Community Managers) Community is a tradition at LikeMinds. Every Wednesdays, we meet to discuss on various community building topics. During one such meetings, we identified that many of our members faced a pattern of common challenges. Hence, this time, we decided to try something new.  Instead of our Community Team providing solution strategies, we put our members in three parallel breakout rooms to brainstorm and find their own solutions.  Here are some key highlights from the discussions.


  • Community Management isn’t Easy –

    Day in and day out, you need to meet the expectations of  a diverse group of people. The harsh reality is that this number keeps growing. As Raksha Shenoy, founder, Life Algorithms, puts it out, “Being a CM is like you are constantly in the middle of a family get-together where you need to please all your relatives.”  Swami Premananda, On this account, for any community manager, self care becomes important. Ruchee Tibrewal, founder, Mom Shares Club, shares a self care practice where during the day, she takes some time off. She uses this time to spend time with her family. Her  volunteers, meanwhile, take incharge and  manage the community for that given time period. This helps her to heal and get back to her community.


  • Decline in Community Engagement –

    This is a major challenge faced by many community managers. Sachin Shrivastava, founder, Defense Tribe, shares a tactic he previously used in his community.  When Sachin observed a decline in member participation, he created personalised video messages and shared these clips with his members who were going inactive on the platform. Witnessing their Community Manager going an extra mile to reach them, majority of these members started engaging with the community again.  Further, Sachin says he also hosts Community Catchup calls everyday where members share stories, resources and learnings with each other. He says, “If there are days when I cannot host our daily calls, my members call to check. I think when you give people value, they willingly walk in and engage.”


  • New Member Onboarding Experience –

    A good member onboarding ritual is vital for any community. When new members join, you need to break the ice with them. This ice isn’t only with you but other members too. Ruchee suggests an idea to host monthly welcome calls for getting to know these new members. Sachin shares a hack from his community. According to him, you should first talk to existing members, identify and note their pain points. When you talk to new members, ensure you subtly highlight how the community is addressing those points. Once in a while,  you can also host breakout rooms for new and old members to  connect and build better relationships.

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