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Tips to support your community amid the pandemic

The happenings around us look like we are stuck in the middle of an apocalyptic movie, except for the fact that this is real. And no superheroes are coming to save us but common citizens who are coming together from different parts of the country with the same intent- Save Humanity! Over the last few […]

Monetizing Communities in the right way – A look

Since you are reading this, you have already been touched by the power of communities. You know that as a community grows, it also starts demanding more resources. At a certain point, you will need professional help in generating consistent content to feed your community, you will also want to bring in elite speakers to […]

Mindset in Community Management – A Guide

For five months now, I’ve been working in a community platform. When a non-technical person asks me what that is, I say it’s Community Management; but for an industry insider — it’s more of community entrepreneurship. A non-technical mindset is quite controversial in this domain; but it’s been amazing to see witness changes in volatile […]

Content Repurposing for Communities

At an uninspiring sales meeting, in 1911, IBM MD Thomas Watson Jr. interrupted the presentation, saying “The trouble with every one of us is that we don’t think enough. We don’t get paid for working with our feet — we get paid for working with our heads”. Watson then wrote THINK on the easel. Over […]

Building The Diagnosis Plan for Community Engagement

Having explored the woes of online community engagement and falling member engagement in details, we are now in a state to build a roadmap to diagnose the issue. Let’s deep dive into it. Usually, the level of participation declines rapidly after the first contribution to a community. There are three big reasons for this. 1) They […]

Understanding Community Engagement Woes

We had discussed the various fundamental issues affecting engagement in online communities. Once you’ve taken a hold of them, you need to work towards making it easy for members to contribute effectively. There are broadly a few reasons why people make their first contribution to a community. Enquiring to solve a problem or a feature, […]

Problems of Community Engagement

Everyone wishes to keep their community engaged. But gradually, this becomes quite a challenge. With time, interests wane off and people become less active than the initial days. To solve this,  it is important that community members leverage the ideas that their members have to bring in freshness. Looking at the problem statement in a […]

Diversity of Work & Skillsets in Community Management Industry

As the domain of Community Management is quite diverse, the work opportunities related to it are equally broad – nothing is out of bound for a community professional. The industry itself is a blue ocean for first-time entrepreneurs and also a huge mine for job-seekers – providing a unique variety of experiences and challenges. For […]

The Rise of Online Community Management Industry

Have you ever wondered how fast the world economy has grown after the arrival of digitization? With computers to take care of automization and super-human efficiency being reached, industries shifted to programmable and logical controls from a manual mode. Tim Berner Lee’s creation of the World Wide Web in the 1990s and the subsequent birth […]

Common mistakes to avoid while building online communities

It can be somehow easy to launch an online community. But the critical phase comes when you’re building long-lasting relations with members as it requires constant effort from both ends. May be you know about all the right things to do while building one.  But, today we are going to tell you about the things […]