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Common mistakes to avoid while building online communities

It can be somehow easy to launch an online community. But the critical phase comes when you’re building long-lasting relations with members as it requires constant effort from both ends. May be you know about all the right things to do while building one.  But, today we are going to tell you about the things […]

Ways to keep a Skill Community “super-engaged”

If you try to explore & redefine communities, you will get to find mainly five types of communities that are presenting themselves regularly. These types are distinct from one another, yet overlap naturally in context and approach – because at their core, they are driven by the humans who inhabit them. As you learn more […]

The Basic etiquette of Communities – What NOT to do!

As an online community builder, you play the role of a gatekeeper because it’s your responsibility to set, maintain, and improve the community’s quality of interactions. To save you from a load of moderation troubles, we will walk you through the types of member behavior that may harm the community. Here are seven things that […]

Why is an online Community important in the Modern World ?

Just like everybody else, you too were born alone and while growing up, you found the meaning behind your existence. But finding this is not enough because when you start moving to achieve what you always wanted, you have to face many challenges in this journey. These challenges can be anything such as: You are […]

All-in-one guide to onboard new members to your Community

Onboarding new members of your community is a critical process.As it doesn’t matter at what stage your community is, setting up this process and making it successful will always need hard efforts. And before you start working on it, first you need to sort out all the things running in & around your community to […]